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The Blizzard is perfect as a Mini Pumper or Brush truck. Designed for wildfires, vehicle fires and to be an all around utility truck. Featuring a custom built 200-500 gallon water tank with a Hale, Darley, Waterous pump. Rear or midship pump panels.​


F-550 With A 1,500GPM Hale Pump, 25 Gallons Of Foam, Pre Connects, Custom Rear Suction, Pack Seats, Recessed Light Tower & Many Other Features.

The Most Aggressive, Customized, Affordable & Durable Mini Pumper On The Market.

Many other options available


F-550 With A SAM 1,500GPM Hale Pump, 300 Gallons of Water, Foam, Auto Running Boards, Train Horns, Light Tower, Pre Connect Rear, Painted Roll Up Hansen Doors, Super Single Conversion, Whelen Core

The first in the world to build a lifted mini pumper with SAM pump module

Shown With A SAM Pump Module, Other Options Available