About Us

Diamond Rescue Supplies arises thanks to the passionate and serviceable attitude of its CEO and founder Mr. Steven Unger. He describes himself as a person 100% committed to everything he does, especially when it comes to building and refurbishing Fire Trucks and emergency vehicles in general.

Since a young age, the little boy in Steven aspired to be a fireman, and when his parents noticed his interest, they decided to give him a toy fire truck, never imagining this gift would be the beginning of a blooming and successful profession for him.

At only 10 years old, his neighborhood bought their first used fire truck, and since there was no established fire department, the truck was parked in his dad’s shop. This was much to Steven’s delight as many hours of his free time were spent on that truck, not only practicing and cleaning it, but also pretending to be going to fire’s. On numerous occasions he got to go along with his father and older brothers and help put out fires.

He first began working in the family construction business, but due to circumstances in life, he never lost sight of what he wanted to become. Therefore in 2005, he decided to take his passion more serious by taking a full year of training as an EMT, Five years later, in 2010, one of his EMT partner’s mother suffered a tragic accident, where she was trapped for almost 2 hours in her SUV. The agony and impotence of not being able to free her sooner due to the lack of appropriate rescue supplies, made such a lasting impression on Steven that he decided to sell his motorcycle and use the money for a set of “Hurst Jaws of Life”.

This purchase was the deciding factor as to how Diamond Rescue Supplies was born in 2013.

Now, we are a leading company in refurbishing fire trucks, as well as building new units. With us you will find an extensive variety of fire trucks, rescue units, rescue tools and fire fighting supplies.

We are a company committed to staying true to our customers, our values and processes to ensure that our products will always meet your highest expectations.

At Diamond Rescue Supplies, we help you save lives and property.


Maintain the prestige and quality of our products, planning consistent and permanent development, and having a high performing team to accomplish all company goals.


Be a company that is specialized and fully recognized at a International level, in buying and selling Fire Apparatus and manufacturing new Rescue Trucks to Your needs, maintaining the highest quality that You can depend on.